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  1. Tracy N. says:

    Hello! Thank you, Barbara for this forum. My new blog, Dating After Decades, is where you’ll find a mid-lifer’s look at singledom and dating. Stop by!

  2. Asmita says:

    Hello ..

    My website is about everything I experience and things I do in my day to day life.

    Especially about travelling,product and movie reviews :)

  3. Karen says:

    HI! My blog is a walk through my healing! I am a victim of a horrible past, and each day I blog through my journey to heal..

    I incorporate through faith, courage and wisdom..

  4. Bino says:

    My name is Bino and this is an off-road approach… commenting on the things around the globe ranging from small to big and I am here to share and blog more in the blogosphere and today I feel I have innovated something. The contents mainly hover around finance and economy particular to my country.

  5. Hi, my name is Carrie Mather and my blog is After School Art Club.

    I have a variety of interests that seem to coalesce around art and I created After School Art Club with that in mind. Let’s talk about art and everything else!

  6. For many years Multiple Personality Disorder was simply referred to as “Sybil”, the character brought to light by Sally Field’s stunning acting ability. More recently, The United States of Tara has also shed light on this condition, although it is now considered Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    This book provides a true glimpse into the otherwise hidden world of DID, through the writings of an individual who has been diagnosed for almost 20 years with this condition. Despite the horrors of childhood abuse that contributed to the creation of various personalities, many important life lessons have been acquired along the way.

    That of survival and the firm belief in the ability to do so against all odds.

  7. My website is called “Passion4dancing” and that is where I upload online dance lessons, articles and tips to help people learn to dance online.

    It is a membership website that allows you to learn Latin and Ballroom dancing. Dances include: Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba, Swing and more.

  8. Holly says:

    This beauty blog is written by a Calgarian Avon and mark. representative. Come for tutorials, vlogs, *honest* product reviews, fashion layouts, and FREE resources for other reps.

  9. TheMultiCultiBlog is about my multicultural background and experience I have conducted throughout the years living in different countries, cultures and languages. The readers can expect to read about everyday life through the multicultural lens on my blog.

    • Your blog sounds very interesting. I haven’t visited the site yet – my first to free blog registry and I want to make a list of blogs to read – but I sure plan to. At the top of my list. Will comment directly on your page when I make it there.

  10. Your free guide to live a healthy life. Daily health tips and fitness guide. Helpful articles on healthy food etc. Eat the best, leave the rest…..


  11. This is a blog which provides up to date information on disease, medication and preventative measures to help you and your family. Have a peek inside and see what you are looking for is there. There are more posts awaiting to be published.

  12. KC says:

    Hi I’m Kate. I am 33, single and am hunting for a husband in Sydney Australia! I decided to blog my adventures. I am up to my 30th first date (since 1 July 2011), hoping I find Mr Right soon, because all this dating is exhausting. Feel free to visit my site and leave a comment!

  13. my name is Lee Bower.
    I am a crafter at heart and have recently started making handmade jewellery, i have my own web shop and also sell on ebay.
    My Blog is about the trends in jewellery and what will be seen this season.
    when you arrive here you will also be able to visit the shop where you can purchase handmade jewellery.

  14. Nayla says:

    Arab girl born in raised in Germany who sets across new paths through traveling and meeting people. Writings about life’s strokes, soul-searching, friendship and of course love. Slightly touched with medical background and humanitarian aid services and passionate poetry.

  15. Scoopt says:

    Homemade ice cream recipes. Tips, tricks and sure fire taste bud winners.

  16. Emily says:

    My blog is about my life in a small town called Enumclaw. I will share recipes, talk about current events, and stuff going on in my life.

  17. lynda says:

    I am a homemaker & you know what that means. With 2 growing boys to care for (& who seem to be hungry all the time), there are many opportunities to try new tricks in the kitchen all the time. I never thought I could cook when I got married. Though I have loved to bake intermittently as a teen I never though of myself as a cook. Now all of it seems so easy and most of it is fun too (some I admit is hard work, but there are tricks to get around that with some simple tips).

  18. I love to sort through the myriad of books, and review ones actually worth reading. I gravitate toward books on religion, family, history and biography, with some fiction thrown in for fun!

  19. Blogging about GEEK Culture, action figures, toys, all things GEEK !! Weekly contibutor to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and founding member of the Dork Horde !!!

  20. Dsharul says:

    My blog is a compilation of mind maps of what i read. It is very useful to me…

  21. Live Shows says:

    A collection of Live Shows available online by various artists and performers from around the world.

  22. Shahid Sidhu says:

    I am writing this blog to share my views on various issues and about my life experiences.
    I am “Engineer by Profession & Traveler by Passion”.

  23. A collective blog about privatization, government contracting & contractors, agency outsourcing, public-private partnerships, etc. – Dru Stevenson (law professor) is blog admin & main contributor

  24. All about the transformation of an overgrown cottage garden in rural Oxfordshire – done with a shoestring budget and the use of recycled and natural resources. Tips and tricks, humour, country recipes and a snatch of life with the Fothergill family!

  25. Daniel Defoe says:

    In my newly created blog, I will review and editorialize current events from the Political, Sports and News world. I will also share some of my outdoors adventures in Hiking, Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking in words and pictures.

    You can follow me on Twitter: @1danieldefoe

    And Google Plus: 1danieldefoe@gmail.com

    Please go to: http://mrdanieldefoe.blogspot.com/ visit our advertisers, read some of the new blogs and give us dome feed back.

    • This is my first time visiting free blog post, so I am going through the list and making note of all of the interesting blogs I plan to visit. Yours certainly fits that description. Look forward.

  26. Hello, my name is Tara. I am writing a blog that begins with my preperation for the greatest adventure of my life (so far!). I will continue to post to this blog regularly throughout my adventure across the U.S. in a horse-drawn wagon. This blog is where I am expressing and sharing my journey from start to finish!

    This is a real-life adventure blog that incorporates horses, green technology, and life lessons!

  27. Welcome to my blog, where I will write about crafts, family matters, product reviews, and any information I come across. Sometimes I will post about random things I am interested in. What fun is life without the occasional diverging path?

  28. I just started today, but greatness is ahead! :)

  29. This is a blog which will provide you with all product of Mobile phones of any kind and electronics such as Desktop and Laptop. Fill free to view this great shopping blog. Enjoy it from today.

  30. Blog about randomly captured moments, food, travelling, books, fashion and other discoveries. LOTS of photos! :-)

  31. Zeronet says:

    My blog about my life and the surrounding events in the world

  32. Kara says:

    Money Saving Mummy Uk

    I’m a mummy of three and with both my partner and I struggling to find work I knew it was time to do something. So I took up my new hobby ‘Money Saving’ and decided to start this blog to share my tips and ideas with you.

  33. Liliana says:

    Hi! My name is Lilly and I’m a est-European programmer interested in living a green life.

  34. My name is Danny. My wife and I have a new food/garden blog. The blog shares our love of food, recipes, and outdoors. We both loved to cook and garden and had been wanting to blog for a while. We finally did it. I hope you stop by and give us some suggestions. We are new to this after all.

  35. Jake Idris says:

    “A man who never saw the rest of the world, never learned life in its entirety.” – Me

    Visit my travel blog! I do plan to conquer the world (though not the way Alexander the Great or the British Empire or Adolf Hitler or the Backstreet Boys did). I just want to see everything there is in the world and share what I felt when I do.

    In my blog, you wouldn’t need rely on what I say about my travels, I show them to you with lots of pictures. And I love to take candid photos of the environment – the people, nature, community, etc.

  36. Noreen says:

    Hi! My name is Noreen, I’m a student currently on a 3 month break before starting medical school. I’m an avid reader and have created a blog about books! Hope you enjoy :)

  37. DVR Slave says:

    Hello all, I write a blog dedicated to TV. I post all show & series premieres & finales every day & I also post all talk show guests for the day time & night time talk shows every day. Occasionally I post reviews about shows I watch & I have an entire tab dedicated just to the Bravo network.

  38. Verastic says:

    My blog is about my life and the interesting things I come around (news, internet, random thoughts, etc)

    A personal view of the theory and practice of psychotherapy

  40. BLS1111 says:

    Hey guys, recently started a blog to consolidate these stories and focus members attention on specific recurring relationship issues. Often one partner/friend, or both, will claim that “everyone knows you’re wrong!” This site is committed to having users read facts and weigh in to arrive at a unanimous consensus. The site is COURTOFMANLAW.COM. Please check it out, I think you’ll like it. :)

  41. My name is Jason. This is my personal blog about my experiences and some of my photography.

  42. Random Man says:

    ‘The Murder Poets’ blog is devoted to reprinting vintage crime and detection stories.

  43. I am a mother of 2 kids ages 4 and 2. I am also a new Senior Pastors wife. I want to share my new journey with you especially if your are a Pastors wife, as you can easily be isolated and misunderstood by everyone else around you. It is hardworking and I would love to share the stories surrounding my life and experiences.

  44. Sndee M. says:

    I work with webstores from a marketing point of view. Learning a lot about the internet and how all can benifit. My current topic for blog and web site is of an adult nature so please keep that in mind.

  45. Rick says:

    I am a avid hockey fanatic and my blog is all about the National Hockey League and the great game of hockey. It has up to the date breaking news and opinions on everything hockey.

  46. Lauren says:

    My Blog will come up Reality, but it is actually called EASY AS PIE…NO, HARD AS BROCCOLI…It talks about how to live healthy and active. I will fill it with recipes, my goals and progress, what works and doesn’t work, motivational stories and quotes. I hope to inspire you to live a healthy, beautiful life!

  47. The Diary of a Designers Wife

    Ok, so there are lot of design inspired blogs out there…but mine is different because it only features original pieces made by me and my husband. Drop by for some inspiration for your own home.

  48. Jen says:

    Hey everyone! So great to see so many great blogs about so many different subjects. My blog is about me becoming a vegan and how much fun it is.


  50. Tiffany says:

    This my blog,it’s about me and what I like and stuff please follow it! :)

  51. Paul Haney says:

    My site, Haney on the Train:Paul’s Gone to Look for America, follows my journey across America this summer with a 45-day Amtrak in hand.

  52. Steve G says:

    Hello my name is Steve and my family and I are starting on a journey to simplify, namely minimalism and homeschooling. It’s a journey and my first blog so we’ll see how it goes! Thanks!! http://www.fmilysimplified.com

  53. christine says:

    I am a Scentsy Consultant and my blog includes Home Decor Ideas, my journey as a Scentsy Consultant and a few bits thrown in between.

  54. Fredrik says:

    Hi, just started my blog on which I will put all my rare jazz vinyl collectibles on display. I will also discuss jazz in general, albums, artists, tunes and maybe what’s on sale on eBay at the moment. Enjoy!

  55. Elisha says:

    I am a blogger, baker and educator from Frisco, TX. I blog and share life’s lessons, ideas, inspirations and fabulous finds- basically everything from fashion to food to DIY. I also share my own reflections and confessions, and feature Tuesday’s Top-Ten’s, Weekend Wind-Downs and Sunday Inspirations.

  56. Matthew says:

    This is a blog about Minnesotan-American expat living in the Netherlands (Dontcha know)! Originally it was about travelling experiences but I was diagnosed with Leukemia and now I’m blogging about my daily habits, activities, forms of entertainment, future travel plans, culinary desires, family, friends, support, and anything I can think of. I’ll be broke and jobless for the foreseeable future so for now it’s my passion…

  57. Marshall says:

    Hello all! My name is Marshall, and I happen to love blogging. My blog is about the Gothic subculture, clothing, easy crafting of outfits and accessories, and most of all, how to deal with the unwanted attention that anyone in the alternative culture sadly are burdened with. I would be honored if you all checked out my blog! :) Thanks!

  58. Hello all,

    This is Darin L. Hammond, and my blog ZipMinis focuses on Social Media, Technology, Science, and Current Events (somehow related to those topics). I am passionate about these topics and write blogs in both short form and longer articles. I have fun and try to do so in a short amount of space. You can zip through my entries quickly.

    Come on bye to visit. Thank you very much.

  59. galy says:

    Hi my name is Galy and I’m a fashion stylist. My blog: The Stylist Post is a new interactive blog where you can find the latest fashion news, trends and styles, participate in different polls and add your opinion.

  60. Airmanship says:

    A blog for aviation and airmanship. Its pourpose is sharing experience and recieving such.

  61. Bart says:

    Hiya all,

    when we got married three months ago, my main goal/objective/destination was to have a great honeymoon. And we wanted to truly make it a honeyMOON, i.e.: a month. It turns out that we’re travelling for two months around Asia, taking photos, trying a variety of foods and every type of a watersport there is. So here for your perusal is our travel blog.

  62. I am a Portuguese expatriate living in Macau – China for nine years now. I am a professor of political science and jurist there. I am also a political commentator in a local newspaper following international news and Portuguese events. I use my blog to post views on main actualities and share some information I was impressed from books to music (CDs) passing by music shows in Macao and Hong Kong.

  63. My name: Nelson
    My blog: am writing on a recent gist on celebrities and a christians prayers.
    Visit: http://www.dejeksworld.com

  64. Rebecca says:

    Here is a link to my Etsy shop. I also have a blog as well. My fiance upcycles license plates into vintage inspired home decor, even mailboxes! Just trying to get his craft work out there and try to draw in some visitors to his online shop. Thanks for the support!

  65. I am Ashok Goyal from India , a retired Banker, with 35 years experience in Banking.Full information can be had from “About Us” on my blog site http://webquestionanswers.blogspot.in/

    After retirement in April 2012 I have started blogging in July,2012 under the name and style “Web Question Answers” a free blog with http://www.blogger.com supported by Google.I have taken it as a hobby. I have placed ads on my blog to make it attractive as I don’t know ABC of blogging.

    My blog is about Health Tips, Job opportunities, Utilities, Entertainment, Tourism, Law Matters, Published Judgments, Social Security, Online Security for Financial Transactions, Taxation, Insurance, Loans, Banking and Investments, RBI Policy and Latest News, Tourism, Travel, Fashion, Blogging Tips.I want to share and publish my thoughts and experiences for the welfare of the society especially in my country.

    I need guidance as I love to write and edit posts.


  66. Raffaella says:

    I’m very excited to join the wide world of blogging – or in my case “phlogging” – while I have lots of written content with each post, photography is at the core. If you love exploring the possibilities of photography and travel, please take a moment to check me out!

    My first post covered setting [small!] things on fire and photographing them, the most recent addressed the benefits of getting up crazy early while traveling in order to photograph a city when it’s unusually serene.

  67. Skevi says:

    Hi everyone! My blog is about my book, Medusa, through the eyes of the Gorgon… In it I write short stories about the characters.

  68. Hi Barbara

    My name is Richard Rodriquez I am 61 and I am happily married.

    My blog and website is about internet marketing and is including reviews on other websites and blogs that I have either experienced myself or had some sort of involvement, or have actually joined or purchased myself.
    The review part may well be offering products from the above websites and and blogs.
    my blog and website are of course free to join and read.
    You are more than welcome to take a look and if you wish sign up or use the blog feed.

    Finally I may be able to help market some of your products.

    If you do not want me to join then please let me know why.
    No Hard feelings either way.

    Kind regards

    Richard Rodriquez
    Richard’s Marketing Tips

  69. My awsome blog. It’s written in Romanian. It’s supposed to keep the variety of topics, to be a day by day source of entertainment. So my fellow romanians, check it! 😀

  70. The Idea: I want to tell stories – stories that show the human spirit when persevering for what they truly desire. You do things everyday that other people see as impossible, even crazy. How can you leave your job, something that is concrete and certain, for the big wide world to struggle and suffer? Believe me, I’ve been there. Trying to explain to your family and friends how much that decision is all you’ve ever wanted is like teaching a donkey to fetch – somewhat impossible. But you do it anyway. I will be telling these stories in interview and story telling forms. If you would like to tell your story of how you went against the grain, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  71. Anne Hauser says:

    Hi, my name is Anne and my blog, “Adventures of a Juniors Hockey Mom” is all about my and my son’s adventure as he completes his last year of Juniors hockey in Minnesota this year. Hockey player and hockey mom anecdotes and stories for those who know about Juniors hockey and for those who don’t, but want to know what its all about.

  72. I am on an aimless bicycle tour with my camera rig!

  73. Panamarte says:

    A Spanish blog about art. Art History, local artists, featured pieces… We blog because we love Art.

  74. tanveer says:

    hello dear friends,

    my blog is about travels in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir and ladakh.

  75. What Does the Soul Want?
    a personal view of the theory and practice of psychotherapy

    I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Surrey, England. My intention in this blog is to examine the roots of psychotherapy beginning with my own Adlerian position but also looking at other schools and ideas. Perhaps I can promote some friendly interaction with other psychotherapists?