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  1. Steve says:

    Hi, my name is Steve and am a new blogger. My site http://www.familysimplified.com is about our family ‘s journey towards minimalism and home schooling. We discuss the journey from our first minimalist steps to making the school desks for home schooling. So far its a fun ride and I enjoy writing about it. Many thanks!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I am a mom, nurse, and soon to be wife! I started my blog,This Lady Saves, or http://www.blog.ThisLadySaves.com to help show others tips and tricks I have learned about saving money. From couponing to inexpensive meals and crafts to cheap family outings, and more! I also post about gluten free recipes and homeschooling, and have seasonal giveaways. Hope to see you there, and thanks, Barbara, for this opportunity! :-)

  3. We have articles on various topical issues that I am sure would interest you, especially Christians. Visit us one of this days, and I bet you would never be disappointed.

  4. Rochele says:

    Please visit my blog rochelemariethoughts.blogspot.com/ to be ENCOURAGE and ENLIGHTEN about Life, Love, and Happiness. Thanks

  5. Lashon says:

    my blog mycrazylifeasanavywife is a POSITIVE place where military wives can come together and discuss issues effecting their everyday lives with a STRONG emphasis on God, Family and my life with my Husband

  6. Calum says:

    Hi there, my name is Calum, I’m a chef and a new blogger. My blog is http://coffeelovescompany.blogspot.co.uk/ and is about food and my journey to obtaina fully self sufficient lifestyle. I’d love to know what other people think of it. Thanks

  7. Hi, my name is mitesh and am a new blogger. My BLOG http://ITROCKERS007.BLOGSPOT.IN is about SOME computer tips and tricks that help you to improve your basic computer knowledge. visit it and share me your suggestion. Many thanks!!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Hi, my name is Tiffany. I am new to blogging but am very excited to get more into it. I will be writing about different things such as my rants about no one taking care of celebrities drug and alcohol problems, therefore causing us to lose many great entertainers. I will also be writing some about my experience as a military wife. It is definitely not an easy job being married to a soldier who has been deployed before and came back with PTSD. I am not sure what other things that I will write about, but you can be sure it will be entertaining! My blog site is at http://www.youentertainme.com I hope to see you there!

  9. Rachel says:

    Hi everyone I am Rachel. A High school student who loves yarn. I am like a cat! I tinker around with it to make beautiful patterns and donate them to charities. This is A site for knitters crocheters and Yarnaholics! Have fun with it and I am also asking to leave some comments. Thanks and enjoy. If you do have your own idea post it along with your initials. And comment on what you would like to see posted!

  10. Thomas says:

    Hi everyone I am Thomas and i would like to present my blog :) It is about IT technologies and Internet hope you like it :) the blog is http://technle.blogspot.com/ hope you find it interesting :)

  11. Just a blog about odd, strange, weird things — I mean, all “normal” not bizarre odd, just compelling odd. Geez, I guess you have to be there…

  12. Aaron Black says:

    Hi, my name is Aaron Black. Just kicked off my blog CaffeineForLife.com, just trying to be a positive voice and help people uncover their dreams and live a more purposeful life. If I fail there, at least I’ll try and be interesting.

  13. Greetings everyone
    I am a coffee roaster who blogs about coffee and does coffee shop reviews here in the Denver area. So if you love coffee check us out please. Thanks for the connection here.

  14. We are evolving… from what and into what…?

  15. Dean Vincent says:

    Hi, my name is Dean and I represent a company called Sando Solutions. Our blog focusses on web technologies and telecommunications which is an area that others might want to contribute to their ideas in the industry. We would like to hear what technologies you have used and what benefits it has given.

  16. Hello! My name is Jason and I started a blog a little over a month ago all about San Francisco (and every now and then other parts of the Bay Area) called Guido’s Daddy at http://guidosdaddy.com/ I love San Francisco and living here and wanted to share some of the city’s secrets and my favorite things to do.Most of my blog consist of my own photos, so feel free to share. Hope you enjoy! Thanks so much! Jason (and his little dog, Guido…)

  17. Jae Mac says:

    Hello I’m Jae and I’ve been blogging since April 2012.

    I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)is a Lifestyle blog about current events, life and life’s random humor. Generally speaking, I do not blog on any particular topic; just life experiences that I like to share.I post every Sunday & Wednesday. I look forward to connecting with fellow bloggers. See you in the blogosphere.

    You can also follow me on Twitter @JacMacjustsayin

  18. Green Team says:

    Hi everybody. This is a great initiative. Congratulations. We are a small team of people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Our blog is about natural organic foods and products. http://organicfoodmatters.blogspot.com
    You are welcome to join us and tell us your ideas about organic food and share your personal experience.

  19. Rachel says:

    I posted earlier on this site. (By the way thank you to those who visited). The new post is a must for all charity lovers. Please, not only two legged friends need our help but so do our four legged friends. If you would like leave a comment and I will give you a list of foundations you can give your arts and making to. Since Thanks giving is coming and the holiday season shortly after it is a great time to make someones day!

  20. Real men…real life…real issues…real solutions.
    This Blog offers profound solutions to critical problems and challenges that men contend with in this contemporary age.

  21. Eleanor says:

    I write a series of original articles on items of fashion, art and general culture which interest me.

  22. Marc T says:

    In my blog I combine research with a unique perspective on global events in which the United States has an interst. My e perience in this field is 12 years as a professional geo-political analyst.

  23. I am a model for 4 years already. I enjoy watching fashion photography, so decided to create my own blog. Please visit my blog http://www.champagneshowers.net and tell your friend! thanks! :)

  24. To think how isolated i am from the rest of the world,blogging is my way of reaching out from up here. I live in Nuuk, Greenland and this is how life is up here ( http://ibajaynuuk.blogspot.com ) my name is Dani and i saying Allu!

  25. virtualist says:

    This website provides you with some common and also interesting info about London.
    Doesn’t matter if you live there or just planing a trip with your family, information you will find will be useful. Airports, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, travel & anything you want to know about. Enjoy

  26. Kate says:

    Very cool idea! Hi everyone, I’m Kate, a runner blogging about all things running (and fun) at Run with Kate.

    I love catching up with other fitness bloggers. I post frequently about distance running, meeting fitness goals, and doing stupid things like running marathons.

  27. Countess M says:

    This blog is dedicated to books. Almost all of the reviews are thoughts of an average woman, my personal thoughts and associations at a certain time, which keep changing. I am neither a literary critic nor a feminist, I also do not do gender studies.

    Why books on women?

    Here I will cite Florinda Donner: “A paradigm, which women currently follow, no matter in what aspect of life, is still men’s paradigm. We copy them.”

    I agree with the above. Which way a woman should follow? Do you know this? I don’t. Do I try to answer to this serious question in my blog? Not at all. Books are similar to dishes, some are like exquisite dessert, others like hors d’oeuvre, some are spicy, others are plane but healthy. I, like a cook or taster, try to provide you with different dishes. Your body needs a variety of tastes, as well as your soul. Maybe one day after satisfying your spiritual and aesthetic hunger, you will be able to answer the above question? :)

    Well, you can not save humanity, but you can save one person. Perhaps, a line or a paragraph will help someone to find the right inspiration in the form of a book, somebody, after reading my opuses will be able to share his/her feelings, or recommend a book, which is also very important.

    Most of reviews are mine, few are made by friends and acquaintances. I live in Europe, English is not my native, so I apologize for the mistakes in my posts (hope they are still readable).

    I sincerely hope to inspire you with my reviews, and not to turn away from reading.

  28. Ceej says:

    Hi there. My name is Craig (Ceej) Neilson and I’m a comic, movie and game enthusiast (a geek, basically ;)) from Aberdeen, Scotland.

    My blog, Ceej Says (www.ceejsays.com) is a collection of reviews, musings and – hopefully at some point – discussion about comics, movies, TV shows and games. At the moment I’m reviewing my weekly purchases, as well as taking requests on other things to review, and I’m always looking for suggestions and feedback on how to improve my blog as a reading experience.

    Hope to see some of you there.

    – Ceej

  29. Steve says:

    Hi my name is Steve and I started blogging about creating video games. http://blackwatergames.blogspot.com I’m a part time one man developer creating my first Role Playing Game and my blog is about my experiences in making that happen.

  30. This is a blog about visiting cities and areas of inland Spain and the coast.

  31. Juliano says:

    Hi everyone I started a blog about the life in my country Bulgaria about the upsides and the downsides. My blog is in my native language so you’ll probably not understand a word :) but still I hope that you enjoy it :)
    10x for the registry Barbara. Good luck to everyone.

  32. My name is Nathaniel Smickle. I’m from Canada and I love the Lord. The main goal behind Inked Pen is to introduce non-believers into the belief of God while also maintaining a belief structure for those who love God. I also enjoy taking long walks on imaginary beaches. God Bless and Keep You.

  33. Hi
    My name is sowmya. Iam anew blogger. I love cooking.
    My blog is http://indyrecipe.blogspot.com.au.

    “Indyrecipe” a blog which houses over so many original and adapted recipes,we combine the ancient and modern recipes that take you to the exotic flavors of India.

    So if you love food, love cooking, love variety cuisine , visit “Indyrecipe” and leave your valuable comments.
    Thanks & enjoy
    For Indyrecipe its Sowmya.

  34. Warren White says:

    Hello! My name is Warren, and I am an HR professional and career transition consultant. My blog focuses on topics related to human resources, recruiting, tips for job seekers, and social media.

  35. Hi everyone! My name is Allison and my blog title is Snarky Sentiments of a Paranormal Writer. It’s all about the work I’m doing for my first novel. The address is http://amariesilver.blogspot.com.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  36. I am a lawyer practicing at Allahabad High court in India. This blog is about the problems faced by the people in India.

  37. My name is Dan Guerra and I run our college’s blog at http://cbc123.blogspot.com. We focus on issues for our students and staff including technology topics and lifelong learning.
    We also incorporate articles about searching for jobs in today’s work environment.

  38. Love affairs with storytellers.

    In my love affairs with books and their authors I’m a promiscuous, polyamorous pansexual. With some of them I build lasting relationships – others are barely interesting enough for a one-night stand. At least, however, there’s almost always a story to tell, and when there is, you’ll find it here.

  39. 1 . My name is Md. Iftieaq Rahman . I am a WordPress developer and new blogger . I have a blog name “My Tech Choice” .It is mainly WordPress , Blogspot and Technology related site . I Really like WordPress and blogging is my favorite job . Nice to meet you . My blog – http://wp.me/p2STEs-4d

  40. Robin Savage says:

    I created my blog because I came out of a violent relationship and the person said some false things about me that aren’t true. I decided to use all the lessons I learned to keep good people like you and I away from toxic and abusive relationships.

  41. Hello, everyone,this is my first time to come here. I started a blog over 5 months ago all about the NFL.

  42. Hello, dudes,this is my first time to come here. My name is seallow and I started a blog recently.

  43. Kristoffer says:

    Hi, My name is Kris and I write about living life in Japan.

    General ponderings and some concrete advice from time to time as well.

    Hope to see you there!

  44. My name is Anthony Amalokwu. I am a happily married man with three lovely children, an Accountant by profession, a Pastor by calling and a writer by passion. My site http://marriageisnow.com is a counseling blog, I write on marriage, general relationship issues and religion. I also render free e-counseling forum for singles and married couples.

  45. Femaura says:

    Hello, we are a deaf teachers at Femaura, and we do enjoy writing blogs to inform deaf news and information about deaf people in London, and in UK. What we like is that we are also deaf led social business people. Our blog is:- http://femaura.wordpress.com/

  46. Hi, I just signed up and I love the idea of a place for gluten free bloggers. I have a gluten free blog called New Orleans Gluten Free Girl, it is gluten free living for everyone.

  47. Hi Everyone, my name is Allen but amongst my community I’m Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana. It is a name passed down through my family and I’m the fourth to be known as Aryeh-Zuk. What’s it all mean? For that I invite you to my blog at http://kahana.hubpages.com where I talk about history, family and ancient teachings. When you’re one of only 30,000 Karaites remaining in the world, then there’s quite a lot to say in order to try and survive. I hope you’ll enjoy my articles and contact me if you have any questions or information you’d like to offer.

  48. Llew says:

    Hi All – I have set up a new blog discussing my business journey. Two articles at the moment all around business and digital marketing tips, but many more on the way. Enjoy – http://www.llewjury.com Cheers

  49. shahin says:

    Familiar with a variety of weapons and military

  50. Published since 1992, Collectors’ Corner (http://www.bamcc.net)started in print and then moved to the Internet. Since that time it has grown to include reviews of comic books, games, video games, trading cards, technology, movies, DVDs, books, magazines, toys, models, sports items, die-cast, anime, manga and much more.

    Readership continues to grow as new fans and collectors discover reviews that are concise, honest and written by a collector like themselves.

    Collectors’ Corner is targeted to the collector, hobby enthusiast and pop culture fan.

    Product reviews are posted on both http://www.bamcc.net and http://bamcc-bam.blogspot.com.

  51. Hypnotherapy and NLP articles focusing on promoting wellbeing

  52. The combination of dream work and hypnosis is truly a profound and transforming experience where the healing nature of dreams, and the potential of hypnosis as a therapeutic and personal growth tool, comes to the fore. This type of regression is recommended to anyone wishing to seek self-knowledge and actualisation. Even a sliver of a memory of a dream can be useful in this work. This is an exciting and ever so personal exploration of your subconscious mind where you get to unlock and know the secrets of your dreams.

  53. I am starting a Blog based on the NY Times Sunday Book Review.
    I will be selecting books from the Book Review and sharing my thoughts and insights. I recommend all feedback…… Like my choices or criticize them.

  54. David says:

    I am an author and created a blog to enhance my first published book entitled -Pretentious Crap-A glimpse into the mind of an insanely sane man. I wrote this book as a inspirational/self-help guide and found that realistic sarcasm is beneficial to understanding ourselves and our world. The blog is a faster mode in which to get my thoughts published. I will add essays and articles and whatever crazy though crosses my mind. Enjoy!

  55. Tabbatha says:

    My blog is for the consumer. I am a mother of 9 and grandmother of 3. I have had a lot of experience with the finding things that work in my life to save money, time and heart aches. It is also a site to just say what you feel about buying and using different products.

  56. Heather says:

    Ferment farm and forage is both a practical and a philosophical guide to attain food freedom.

    I explore five principle of food freedom- Build Soil, source close, utilize and maximize food, form community food connections, stand by the community in times of need.

    My tone ranges from warning to humor to hope. This will not be another “sky is falling” prepper blog. For me it matters less that peak oil might cause world chaos or global warming/cooling/change will create natural disasters. My goal instead is sharing a path to freedom.

    If we return basic means of food production to our homes we have a better chance to quit an abusive job, or spend more time in the company of our kids. We can untangle ourselves from a variety of chains the modern centralized economy binds us with, in turn gaining a sense of competence and pride and community support.

  57. Clair says:

    My name is Clair Cobbold, I have recently been involved in a National Epilepsy Campaign launched by Epilepsy Action to highlight the need to give more information and support to women with epilepsy.

    In June last year I became Mum to our little girl Riley, I have also had epilepsy for almost 10 years.

    Epilepsy Action has published a booklet which includes diaries from 4 other Mum’s and myself. This is my blog that my diary was based on and my on going record of being a mum and some of the challenges I face both due to my epilepsy and just being a Mum.


    Hopefully you may all find it interesting and educational about epilepsy itself and also give support and advice if you are a mum/mum to be with epilepsy.

  58. Lullaby Confessions is a positive lifestyle brand, using positive affirmations to promote the health, hope & happiness of your family….starting with baby!

    Our Blog at http://www.lullabyconfessions.com is a mommy/women’s Positive Lifestyle Blog focusing on how to live and recognize the power of living a positive lifestyle. We do this by offering 3 blog contributors from 3 different area’s, Mommy fashion/beauty, Health/fitness, and family life/encouragement. As well we have once a month a guest blogger from different backgrounds.

  59. Heather says:

    I’m a 30something mom with 5 kids and lots of practical live experience. I’m starting over in a new town, again, and am looking to find myself. Enjoy:)

  60. Ian Cochrane says:

    Greetings all,

    all the best for 2013!
    long time writer, short time blogger.
    Blog subject? Mmm…people, places & the human condition.
    All the best,

  61. Hello there! Allow me to direct you to my photography site, twilitlens.com. Equipped with a blog, a gallery, and a shop, you’ll be able to use it to follow me and my cameras as we travel the Earth looking for things that might be missed at first glance. The Twilit Lens: “Life Out of the Corner of Your Eye…”

  62. Cheri says:

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Cheri. I am a new blogger. My blog is about my spiritual growth. You will laugh, dance, and be inspired to enjoy everyday life. Leave comments and share with friends. Thanks! http://www.hartstale.blogspot.com.

  63. Hello. I blog about my family, homeschooling, adoption & special needs, saving money and surviving life! I have adopted four little ones from foster care, after fostering approximately 30 children. Trying to juggle everything in my life has lead me to start a blog, where I share the ups and downs of holding it all together. I would love for you to visit!

  64. Hello again. I maintain several blogs and would like to share my newest with you! I am a full-time university student studying English and Creative Writing. To find an outlet for the pieces I am working on, I decided to start a writing blog. I will share: short stories, poems, flash fiction, short plays and essays. I would be honored if you took a moment and visited my new site. Thank you!

  65. Alisha says:

    Hello. My name is Alisha and I am a new blogger. I recently set up a blog about new movies that will soon hit the theatres and cinemas. I made the blog because I love movies and I know there are many people out there that are just as crazy as I am about movies. The blog name is New Movies 101 and this is the link http://paper.li/f-1358948759

  66. Hello new friends and thank you for reading bout http://crazydreamersdo.com. This site will give you original content and curated no-cost to low-cost resources for social media lifestyles, tools, tips, and news. The theme of this site is that if we strive everyday to believe in our dreams we will become aware that we come from our dreams not to them. Love, peace and success will be ours. Warmly, Susan

  67. kieth says:

    Hello blosphere, I am Kieth. “Stop Fraud Report” is an investigative reporting blog found at http://www.kiethm21.blog.com The purpose of the blog is to protect Consumers from fraudulent activities, people, businesses and government agencies.

  68. arikidj says:

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  69. Poupoupidou says:


    I have just created a blog to describe and explain astrology concepts. Its URL is: http://learn-astrology-concepts.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default


  70. Hadian says:

    Hi… im hadian from indonesia.. i have website at http://www.isowap.com but im sorry my blog in indonesian language only :) but nice to meeet u all

  71. brown says:

    my blog is all about spreading the least happenings in the world

  72. Peter says:

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  73. Amanda says:

    Hi. Our blog is to share a journey of love from both perspectives. Our story is a bit unique as it is about a love that was on hold for 22 years, picking up a year ago where it had left off. This is from both points of view and shares the complications and emotions involved. http://www.after23years.wordpress.com.

  74. Theodora says:

    Hi, my name is Theodora and I am from Eastern Europe /Bulgaria/. One of my biggest passions is cooking. The others are healthy lifestyle, dances, personal finance, blogging and graphic programs /Photoshop mainly/.
    In my country we have great culinary traditions and I will share interesting recipes from my mother and grandmother.
    But I like experiments too, so I will share with you all of them. Well, maybe not all – only the ones that didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster. I am kidding – I will publish only the best for you!

    I will also give you the best weigh loss advises. So check out my blog now.

  75. md soriful says:

    Hi i am soriful islam. I am a student of m m college,jessore. My subject name economics. Economics is the important and hardly subject our college. I have here only 15 techer and 2 clerk. They have been very good person. My college contuct email number: eco_mmc@yahoo.com and web: http://www.mmcollege.edu.bd (thanks)