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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi everyone,4
    Thank you Barbara for this opportunity.
    I a based in Johannesburg South Africa. I am a wife, mother, trainer, blogger and recently entrepeneur. I’d like to intruduce you to my company blog: The Skills Club: http://www.theskillsdepot.com/skills_club/ where I cover training and career oriented topics to help raise the profile of y conpany as well as help many South Africans who seem to struggle in the area of skills development and career guidance.
    I’d love to get to know everyone here and have you visit me at The Skills Club as well.

  2. Aruna says:

    Hello everyone. Recently migrated to Australia and started a blog to share my experience with my colleague who working with me. enjoy and pass your comment

  3. Rachel says:

    Please follow my blog if you are an avid knitter or crocheter or want to become one! I want it to be a community lead blog so I need knitters and crocheters!

  4. md soriful says:

    Hi everyone most welcome, i am very fine. listent to me, i am a very clever man. But i always lost against my hert. She told me,” o” man you are very unlucky boy. Becuse your life very sort. But, are you very good person. case, your mind are very thirsty for love. Love give the man very good sagesion. LOVE BEAST

  5. Emma jane says:

    Hey all,
    I’m a new blogger from Australia, blogging mostly about lifestyle related topics – fashion, beauty, product reviews, cafe and bar reviews and general news :)
    I also have a youtube channel where I vlog:
    Please visit me and follow/subscribe :)
    Emma Jane

  6. cwcash says:

    Hello, looking to share my experience with silver investing for retirement savings or just for hobby. Visit http://www.cwcash.com for some great information, investing tips, and industry news regarding silver bullion and silver coins. Thank you!

  7. SIgrid Iversen says:


    I am a wife, mom, educator and community activist. I feel very compelled to blog as an expression of my returning creativity. My writing are the musings of a women that has the challenges that most women do. It is my hope to help build community by “living” together.

  8. GamuxBlog says:

    Our is a page dedicated to Science and the joy and fun of it. It isnt your regular Science Updates page but is more about the fun and awesomeness related to it.
    Just visit us once on http://dscienceblog.wordpress.com/ just incase if you like it. :)

  9. Your name and a brief description of who you are
    I’m a career military enthusiast. I started militarybooklist in an effort to provide military members and friends of the Armed Forces with an up-to-date, consolidated resource for books recommended from senior military leaders for professional development.
    The book lists are actively researched and the links take visitors through Amazon affiliate links to purchase them if desired.
    Come check it out! Feedback is welcome.


  10. Bobby says:

    Well, this is my first attempt at publishing a blog. I know I have a lot to learn so please feel free to offer comments or suggestions. My blog is called “As a Burning Fire…” I take the title from a portion of scripture where the prophet Jeremiah refers to the Word of God being as a burning fire shut up within his bones. The meaning was that the Word of God was so important to him and so much a part of him, that he could not help but speak it. As a preacher, I feel much the same way. My wife and I served as missionaries in Costa Rica for nearly 9 years, I also pastored a small church and have worked in many other ministries as well. I now find myself without a regular place to preach and share God’s Word so if for nothing else, I started a blog to give myself a place to at least share thoughts that are on my heart and mind. “As a Burning Fire” is intended to be a blog to encourage and uplift and occasionaly exhort through Biblical thoughts and studies of specific passages and subjects. I would love to have feedback and comments! Please understand that you will probably not agree with everything I say but I welcome open discussion in the right spirit and with the right attitude. My prayer is that this blog will be a blessing to someone!

  11. Foiledhat says:

    My blog is a bit unusual. I discuss conspiracies either validating or dismissing them.I touch on hot issues politically.

  12. Thank you so much, Barbara! :) I’m Mary Jane Allen and I am a Law of Attraction/Manifestation Coach and intuitive healer. My blog is about the Law of Attraction, manifestation,life purpose and related subjects. Many people saw The Secret movie and have tried to manifest what they want for their lives but have been unable to. The movie was more of an introduction to the subject of Law of Attraction. Quite often people need more specific information to enable the manifestation process because we all manifest in a unique way. My blog offers lots of helpful hints and I offer personalized help in the form of guidance on the blog as well. http://manifestyourlifedream.com

    If you want to manifest abundance for your life in any form, please come by! :) Your manifestation success is my joy!
    Love and Blessings, Mary Jane Allen :)

  13. Dear Mrs. Swafford. Thank you for this opportunity to register my blog. The blog is about all there is to see and do on the Costa del Sol and Inland Andalucía, Spain. It combines historical info and facts with own experiences. Regards…

  14. Edi Gunawan says:

    thanks barbara, i’m a indonesia’s policeman. I’d like to share what i know or what i have to my friends. So i have a blog to share these all. my first blog is inkomik is to share a comics book and film in indonesian language. So, my friend (who don’t understand abour English Language) enjoyed taht film too.

  15. Ashleigh says:

    am a stay-at-home mother of three amazing children, five-years-old and younger. Two of them are biological and the third God blessed us with via adoption. My husband has a full-time job and serves as the worship leader at a new church plant. Needless to say my life is CRAZY! But I am also very blessed. I am not a writer or bible scholar. I just write about everyday things and struggles hoping to inspire people to know Jesus personally. So, God, please use this ordinary donkey (Numbers 22:22-31) to share Your good news with others.

  16. peter lang says:

    Hi! I have created a new blog that explains the latest space science finds by NASA and how they are important for the future of energy technology on earth you can see NASA links that clearly show cosmic energy from the heliosphere being transduced to electricity! learn how to use MHD technology to tap into it!

  17. sunay kanani says:

    Hi, were the Salty Sardines. Were a blog that writes about anything of your interest ….and yes we literally mean anything. We are a bunch of 20 yr old’s who have nothing in common but a zest and a passion. and we really want to express ourselves to you. This blog is quirky , fun and a little edgy so do yourself a favor and take everything you read with a pinch of salt

  18. Hello, my name is Adam C. Thomas, and I am the author of a new story that will (hopefully) become a novel by the time the story is done.

    It is an evolving story, so I can’t say for certain, but it will most likely contain adult language and situations, but the Foreword and first chapter have been posted, and I would appreciate if you would swing by and check it out!


    Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy the story and stick around to see what happens next!

  19. Agha Mehdi says:

    The secret to getting there is to know where you’re going. Self development is a never ending process.

    LMLRN (Love my life right now) is dedicated to personal development, education, self improvement, entertainment and any kind of growth that enables us to live a simpler and happier life.

    Here at LMLRN, we like to share motivational, inspirational, reflective and interesting articles on life and general self improvement.

  20. Alek Hartzog says:

    Hey there!

    We’re starting a blog on study tips, techniques, and online education today. Just wanted to get some link cred don’t ya know.

    Check it out if you are interested.


  21. Navneet Vats says:

    Iam a web content writer by profession and it is my utmost desire to spread useful content that benefits the readers. Organic nutrition is an area that interests me a lot and I have decided to blog on this topic so that we can educate each other for the good of everybody.

  22. Laura Kazlas says:

    Hi, my name is Laura Kazlas and the name of my blog is “A Catholic Moment”. This blog offers the scripture readings for Catholic mass each day, as well as a reflection on the readings for mass. http://www.acatholic.org.

  23. Ev says:

    Fashion lover, tourist, eternal optimist, mum of two gorgeous girls living in the city that doesn’t sleep…

    Follow the fun, fashion adventures in The Big Apple.
    Most recent post – DATE NIGHT – can be found here:


    |Ev xo

  24. I had been accused of lacking interest in anything I did when I was in the Airline which somewhat sums up my attitude to life. Hardly surprising since I see no need to do anything for myself and no need to do anything for the world, as I appear for a while and disappear again. That is why I ask for nothing more than personal space, and nothing like pretence and hypocrisy.

  25. Diane says:

    I’m the author of Being Truly Present (.com): a blog about finding, embracing and living a truly present life filled with passion, balance, clarity, and purpose. When you visit the site, you’ll find blog posts that are part article and part reflection.

    I am new to social media and blogging, but familiar with the world of self-reflection, empowerment and personal growth, having been a therapist (MSW) for 15+ years.

    My hope is that each blog post will bring both of us closer to finding a peaceful mind, open heart, the ability to let go, trust, take the next step down our path…and live our lives truly present.

  26. Interesting, surprising, unusual and true stories about Africa, her wilderness, her wildlife, her people and their culture.

  27. Tracy Kiss says:

    I’m a fun loving, quirky and inspirational 25 year old. I work hard to raise my two children, I survived bullying, achieved my dreams and help others everyday. My blog is heartwarming and hilarious so come and say hello! x

  28. Aaron Lowe says:

    Hello Barbara, great idea on the blog registry, i am always looking for ways to connect with other writers, I host my blog and do most of the writing but I am hoping to find a few new occasional writers, for some fresh content. My website is http://www.nerdmovie.ca (or .org) and I do movie and entertainment reviews and articles about the entertainment industry. Perhaps you could connect me with some other aspiring writers who would like to post on my site?

  29. Hello there.
    I am a mother of two who is a domestic violence survivor and I was a palliative care provider to my mom who died last year after a brave battle with cancer.
    My blog is about living a life of gratitude and inspiration. I love to inspire others and share things I have learned along the way.
    I love feedback so please do comment or email me your thoughts.
    Spread Love,

  30. Tatjana says:

    Hi you lovely people!!!
    I am very interested in fashion and marketing and decided to create a blog to share my knowledge with you!

    My blog was created to gather interesting information about fashion brands and the marketing tools they are using in different countries.

  31. Amanda says:

    I’m Amanda, a Swedish bipolar girl who tried to get her shit together. I draw a lot of pictures, love my rats and likes to write guides about things. I’m a new blogger so there’s not many posts yet, but the latest posts includes the PUAs guide to femininity, how I didn’t end up a crocodile hunter and 20 reasons not to kill yourself (mudskippers included). My about me page is a picture of a water bed shaped like a vagina. Happy bloggin’ everyone!

  32. I am, Antonia Rapheal, an aspiring writer and I love to blog about life, God, people and the world in general. Every article is straight from the heart with no agendas like appealing to the masses or a front face for any organisation. This is me, raw, undiluted and honest. I hope that my words will linger in the hearts and minds of all who read my blog and that they will contribute to my evolution with their opinions. For what are we if not a summary of our beliefs and experiences? The tradition of narration is as old as time with writing being the most favoured method. Its is the only way that we can leave our essence of being behind, for eternity and for mankind. An honest sampling of our journey on earth, well, here’s mine.

  33. This is my personal blog on fashion and style, a celebration of everything that empowers and inspires. A woman is a vessel of creativity; she gives birth to life, nurtures, and moulds the future. Fashion is just her way of expressing the beauty that is within her, her personal style inspires and evokes admiration. This blog tires to capture that essence, easier said than done!

  34. Sammykhris says:

    I am an up coming artiste and i record my song at teemix production

  35. June says:

    I reside in Southern California with my husband, who retired from the Navy after 20 years of service, and my two wonderful grown children and two adopted kids (my puppies). I blog about my day to day life, special events, crazy pets, funky kids, etc.

  36. June says:

    I just started this blog to write about household hints. I love to find new, easier ways to clean, maintain my house.

  37. Ank Arya says:


    Another blog of mine is BlogShrill (http://blogshrill.blogspot.com/), which is all about blogging and search engine optimization. It is a blog where I share as I learn it myself. I read a lot about blogging and SEO tactics and share the knowledge with my personal experience and implementations for the betterment of every blogger.

    Though it is like a ‘share as you learn’ project, I make all my efforts to end up with brief, informative and ‘really working’ articles on BlogShrill. One should visit my blog to know, learn, recall, share, suggest, request and appreciate. Because, in any way you are helping yourself and others.

  38. Dan Elder says:

    Hello Barabara, thanks for this neat feature, I would like to introduce you to my blog at http://blog.pptclasses.com, it is the companion to the website at the same URL. It is mainly a place where I talk about the pre-made classes we offer, or topics relating to powerpoint or presentations. I also tweet under the name @pptclasses.


  39. what’s on my mind… what’s in my heart… my life…

  40. sunnyhope says:

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  41. Abilashan says:

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  42. TY Goldbach says:

    Hey there!!! Come on over to my blog, homeschoolingsis.wordpress.com. I’m welcoming parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, second-cousins twice-removed, anyone who homeschools any child, any age, any grade!!! Share some wholesome advice, and maybe take something away, too. Look forward to seeing you all; and I’ll put on the chicken…

  43. Kim Hartman says:


    In my blog I discuss trends and science within creativity, behavioral economy, brand building, psychology and digital marketing. I build upon knowledge from my role models Malcom Gladwell, Seth Godin, Ken Robinson, Chip & Dan Heath, Daniel Pink and many others while applying what I have learned during my time at Hyper Island. I also publish book summaries from books I´ve read as well as ideas from my own work as a digital strategy and copywriter.

  44. darlingwords is poetic, spiritual, fictional, humorous, insightful and a space to explore spirituality and the essence of Nature and human life. I post once a week and love communicating with readers.

  45. Check out Repair my Recipe Blog at http://repairmyrecipe.blogspot.com/ where you can see our most recent posts and even click the link to our website to have your recipe repaired or culinary questions answered by our team of chefs

  46. Amy Black says:

    My name is Amy and I am 30 years old. I recently set up a blog for my Facebook page charity called Knitted with Love, which is also the name of the blog.

    The topic of my blog is to journal my progress of knitting for sick children. Knitted with Love started in December of 2012 and has quickly grown. I wanted to have a place where I could journal any problems or triumphs I’ve had while knitting. I’ve basically taught myself to knit and self-taught everything I’ve done so far. I also have included images of the stuffed animals I’ve made as well as included stories and photos of the children who have received a hand-knitted gift set.


  47. Kaptainjake says:

    I am a fun person who loves to talk about music and great products in which can help you for your needs If you have any thing to speak on of this subject let me know

  48. Wayne Bisset says:

    I am a South African that likes to travel in Africa. My blog is about what I have seen and more importantly, what I have learned.I call these posts on my blog, Strange Classrooms.
    Here is the latest one dealing with anger.

    Some of my posts deal with the problem of Rhino Poaching in my country, to try create an awareness.

  49. indigo528 says:

    My blog promotes loving patient parenting and reasons why this is so very important.

  50. Hello everyone,
    My name is Michael Garai. I am from Boston, MA, and attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I am currently enrolled in the Ross School of Business and hope to go into a career in sports management.
    My sports blog is about European football (soccer), covering news and providing analysis on all major leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1) and teams (Bayern, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc)

    Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to comment if you like anything, or message me via twitter @mzgarai9

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  52. Tracy Fisher says:

    Hey everyone!

    On my site I’m known as Tracy the Imperfect Missionary and I’m a missionary at heart and by trade. My goal is to share the love of God with you in the most tangible, authentic and unreligious way possible. I want to see you healed, whole and living the best life imaginable. It is real. You are His kid. ‘Nuff said.

    I’d love to hear from you and see you on the site!

  53. Melissa says:

    Hi, on November 2nd my daughter was stillborn at 41 weeks. One of the hardest parts of dealing with my loss is loneliness. I started a blog where I share all my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as I deal with grief and all the social awkwardness. My hope is that it may help other stillbirth moms feel less lonely. My blog is named for my daughter, “My Sweet Kaiya Lynn” and can be found at http://www.sweetkaiyalynn.wordpress.com. Thank you.

  54. phil says:

    Hey, everyone.
    Drop by and check out http://vintagedriver.blogspot.com
    Like most people, I like old cars, car shows, and, anything to do with vintage vehicles. So, I decided to turn my love into a blog. I have associations with several Vintage auto associations, and, I try to keep up with the latest shows, auctions, and, other events. This includes events sponsored for charity. So, I’m just getting started. Don’t hesitate to drop by. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. catlego says:

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  56. Greg Hudson says:

    I am a late 20’s husband and father living in Long Island. I was born and raised here and have moved around a bit (due to my job) before eventually buying a house on the south shore with my lovely wife. I work in the aviation industry which has me traveling a lot, it has its ups and downs (more on this in the blog)
    Enough about me, this blog seeks to inform you about all things homemade and beyond. I’ve been slowly making and growing things myself, for many reasons, health, wellness, self fulfillment, and getting away from the corporate structure that people seem to keep relying on. I believe that making things yourself at home gives you the ultimate control over what your family uses and eats. So enjoy my blog at http://www.thehomemadehusband.com and Happy Homemade!

  57. Crystal Mayo says:

    Greetings all,

    Would you rather inherit you mother’s heirloom pearls or her pearls of wisdom? My blog, The Legacy of Motherhood is heavily influenced from my own childhood and the seeds of wisdom and experience m parents sowed for me.

    I would love to share my process through motherhood, both comical and thought provoking, to a vast community of readers.

    My blog posts can be found through crytheaterdotcom.wordpress.com

  58. paul gibbons says:

    Cultural Anthropologist,life traveller.Enjoy many activities and turned Academic and General interests into blog.Shared the blog ideas with the WWW and eventually developing business ideas.

  59. Some ideas, writing, music and comments on life of mine that I hope will be of interest to the wider public. I also submit some photography from time to time and talk about my artwork.

  60. Bobby Sutton says:

    Hello. My name is Bobby Sutton. I operate a business services firm named Sutton Business Solutions. While we have a website, we use our blog to not just advertise (we do that) but to offer great ideas to help businesses become more efficient and enjoy greater success. Stop by. We love you comments. http;//www.suttonbusinesssolutions.blogspot.com

  61. Hi, I’m Melanie, an Australian woman and mother of 3 boys. My blog is called Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman, which I began as an expressive outlet in January 2013. I am a creative person so my posts vary from; poetry, contemplations, parenting tips, Christianity, humour, life stories and so on, I even sometimes draw for my blog pics…I enjoy blogging as an extra forum for intellectual and meaningful conversations. Cheers Melanie :)

  62. okimo kimo says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for this opportunity. People need communication even on web so this blog good for every one.
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  63. Hi,

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  64. Daniel says:

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  65. aleax says:

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  66. Navneet Vats says:

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