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  1. “A Real Estate Blog By Jim Stefanile”

    This blog is intended to express some of my feelings, frustrations, concerns and exhilarations regarding my career in the real estate business and the industry in general. It is not intended to be a sales tool or company sponsored vehicle.

  2. Patrick Cyr says:

    Our story of raising a special needs daughter with Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and autism. Our successes and trials.

  3. Karla says:

    Frugal Skills is a frugal living blog with advice on how to stretch your dollars further.

  4. Ricky says:

    I take on the 365 daily creation challenge. A unique EMOTION for every day, expressed in the form of arrangements of objects, pictures, and drawings.

  5. Techno-Tech House-Deep House-House music blog. Reviews, free mixes, events publishing, news from electronic music world.

  6. Brennin says:

    Check out my blog for info in to the music world

  7. Hey… im just a critic my own way! and its just that i love to go out of my paradigm just to express my feelings and beliefs to search for the truth!

  8. This blog is a place for me to share my funny, weird, life-changing, and emotional adventures as I spend 15 months volunteering with different host families around the world.

  9. Marisol says:

    I am a young activist fighting to end the slaughter of dolphins in Japan… my blog is my journey…

  10. If you are looking for interesting posts about topics including digital art, web design, media theory, and cultural criticism then head on over to installationspace.com. The InstallationSpace.com blog features news, tutorials, announcements, and tips and tricks for Digital Artists, Designers, and Media Creators. Our latest post features a detailed look at Web 3.0!

  11. Country Consultant, a site dedicated to the promotion of living life in the country, using alternative energy sources and seeking a more independent lifestyle. We discuss gardening, homesteading, raising animals, food preservation and self-sufficient living.

  12. LuvToCraft says:

    I enjoy sharing craft patterns and add a new one with pictures and instructions to my blog regularly at

  13. Heather says:

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is most notably used in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. But in truth, ALL children experience problem behaviors at some point in their lives – from the “terrible twos” to the rebellious teen years. This blog is designed to provide an overview of ABA and how it can be a useful tool for typically developing children, teenagers, and even your husband;)

  14. Mr Z says:

    Access to each states voter registration information. Hope you enjoy New Voter Registration

  15. Voter says:

    Whether you like him or not you can check out Vote 2012 Obama

  16. this blog is sharply focused and dedicated to marketing(particularly on brand management .here we explore and discuss strategies and recent trends of marketing and communication.also spend time on understanding the tweaks behind the egress of evergreen global brands.

    Blogger: shiba kumar sethy
    International marketing graduate(PGDM-IB) FROM IFIM b-school,BANGALORE,(employed now)

  17. The Fodder is a result of my daily Bible reading and study, pondering it’s truth and communicating that truth to whomever will read.

  18. Tarek says:

    Check out my new diy project blog with more to come!

  19. Designer Lessons is a new blog for TEFL teachers interested in professional development, DOGME, unplugged teaching and using technology in the classroom. Come and see what you can find! Follow us on Twitter @designerlessons

  20. Ahmed says:

    A general blog, no particular theme. Its my personal thoughts on matters I care about, and just general every day life.

  21. Ruby says:

    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes is a blog about all kinds of fun things; crafts, DIY, tips, recipes, life, relationships and everything else that comes up. Come on by and browse!
    :) Everybody is welcome.

  22. Blog to help get people motivated.

  23. MomBlogger says:

    Hi, I’m Susan (MomBlogger) and I run 3 blogs for book reviews and giveaways. I love reading and posting reviews on all my blogs! I love to promote new authors, Indie authors, popular authors with new books and so much more! Here is my first blog:

    Loves 2 Read (lovez2read.blogspot.com) is my family friendly blog.

    Hope you will stop by and leave a comment!

  24. MomBlogger says:

    Hi, I’m Susan (MomBlogger) and I run 3 blogs for book reviews and giveaways. I love reading and posting reviews on all my blogs! I love to promote new authors, Indie authors, popular authors with new books and so much more! Here is my 2nd blog:

    B’Tween Prose (btweenprose.blogspot.com) where I post reviews and giveaways of books for teens/YA!

    Come by and visit – enter a giveaway – leave me a comment!

  25. MomBlogger says:

    Hi, I’m Susan (MomBlogger) and I run 3 blogs for book reviews and giveaways. I love reading and posting reviews on all my blogs! I love to promote new authors, Indie authors, popular authors with new books and so much more! Here is my 3rd blog:

    Faerotic Prose (faeroticprose.blogspot.com) where I post reviews and giveaways of books for adults. I have fewer followers and not many faithful ones – could really use a boost!

    Come by and visit – enter a giveaway – leave me a comment!

  26. TODOS is the lifestyle blog for everyone. From sportswear to summer outfits, house music to chill beats, lean cuisine to Mediterranean, traveling to technology, TODOS is the new platform of lifestyle. Designed and created by two UCSB students. Please take a look you’ll be glad you did!

  27. miranda burn says:

    We are an eco printing company based in the UK and our blog features tips on eco friendly paper and printing, FSC materials, links to template downloads and also reviews of some of the jobs/products we have printed.

  28. Diane Zorn says:

    My page is about the Okanagan in beautiful BC. As a writer I am inspired by living here, and I want to share this place with the world. My blog covers travel info, places, events and comments on just about anything and everything that concerns the Okanagan valley.

  29. Trin says:

    A blog about my pursuit of trading the markets for a living.

  30. I am a software developer, trainer and consultant.
    You will find various blog posts and updates on programming and information on issues and topics I have found interesting or helpful.

  31. And rants are what they are, some personal, some rhyming (poems) and some outright ridiculous.

    21, male, India, Atheist, Existentialist, Loves books, Carl Sagan/Richard Feynman Fan, Love Orwell, Camus, Sartre and Kundera, a 9gagger and a sad soul.

  32. Jacob says:

    Hi My Name is Jacob I am currently studying commerse and economics at university. My blog is called Free Money With Passive Income and it show you tips on how to start developing you own passive income with no financial investment.

  33. bc babble says:

    Visti my blog which is comprised of humourous stories from British Columbia.

  34. Jonathan says:

    Some of them in english. #MovieReview, #Marketing, #Quote

    • Hello Johathan. My first time visiting the free blog registry site, so I am going through and making a list of blogs I plan to visit. Always look forward to a fellow movie reviewer.

  35. Casey says:

    My blog is called Navigating Cyberloss. It is intended as a resource to support those who are grieving the loss of somebody they met online. The posts are sometimes raw, but I always try to be truthful to my own experience whilst posting things that I think people would like to read.

  36. Albert says:

    Abetoy Blog Tech, Social Media, Careers And More..
    visit http://abetoy.blogspot.com
    Awesome posts about the latest issues, current events and trends in technology, social media, careers and more.

  37. Lindsay says:


    My name is Lindsay and I’m new to the blogging world. My blog is pretty much just about life as a mother, wife, crafter & cooker. I’ll also be reviewing books, tips on my journey to “go green” and lots of other random things that we all call life! Please take a look and follow me!

  38. These blogs are about the search for a perfect fuel that is clean, renewable and low cost. We’re not there yet technically so we need to transition to the perfect fuel with other forms of energy that are clean. We need to do this now because time is running out for the environment faster than most of us realize.

  39. Dan says:

    My name is Dan and I am new to the whole blogging thing. My blog is about a journey that I am on to discover myself. I have spent a long time trying to make everyone around me “happy” while ignoring myself. As a result, I realize that I do not know who I am. I hope to become a new and better person through this experience.

  40. I am the mother to 4 amazing kids ages 10 and younger who drive me nuts and I am trying to return the favor. I don’t really have a niche. I like to write. I like to review products when given the opportunity and if I think the people who read my blog would enjoy hearing about them. I blog about whatever I feel like blogging about when my kids give me more than 10 minutes in front of the computer. I hope you’ll come over and have a look (specifically at the most popular posts) to get to know what I’m like. If you like what you see, stick around and follow me.

  41. Cory says:

    My name is Cory but I go by the alias HaVoK C89. My first blog and it’s all about the tech I learn about and keep up on.

  42. Mike says:


    If anyone ever feels the need to escape for just a little while from corporate life then read about my long ditance trail running in the hills and moorland of the United Kingdom. It’s my escape valve!

    Best Wishes Mike

  43. Prithvi says:

    I started this blog when i was 9, it was Started as a gaming reviews site, which later got shifted to photo-blog and ultimately to tech blog. Now, when i am 16, and have a lot of experience, i am enjoying blogging with full efforts. I try that my visitors have a good time on the blog and they don’t get distracted by the junk content. This is a clean and user friendly blog. Do have a look at it.
    Thanks and cheers.. :)

  44. Not the ordinary blog on celebrities. Not gossip but actual accounts based on meetings. Some posted as blind items for entertainment.

  45. Lindsay says:

    I went from being their Nanny to being their Step-Mother. This is our life- past, present, future, & everything in between.

  46. Katrin says:

    Hi! I’m Katrin and my passion is psychology. On my new blog called Menopolitan, I write about relationships. My goal is to help women understand men better.

  47. Cetas Blog provides insights into Big Data technologies and solutions. Cetas offers unique Instant Intelligence for online businesses by providing real-time analytics that help business users gain insights and visibility into their customer/audience behavior.

  48. Patricia B. says:

    Hello! I’m Patricia and I love Fashion, History and Art. On my blog, you can find a compilation of these things which you’ll hopefully enjoy.

  49. Poor Student says:

    I am a student at Wilfrid Laurier and I am trying to graduate debt free. I read up on ways to do this and I want to help other students so they don’t have to do the work that I do. That is why I started Poor Student. I show students ways to save money, make more money and what to do with the little bit of money they have.

  50. Nay Stewart says:

    Deciphering Science – a quality blog discussing the ideas, concepts, research, and people learning about this big beautiful world and universe of ours! Taking the jargon out of science and making it accessible and entertaining to anyone. Come and learn more about why everything is the way it is – with the tool of science.

  51. Diane says:

    That Designer Detail is a blog about random things that will make your place a designer home. This site will give you ideas on how you can bring design in your place without having to spend so much on high-end pieces and designers. We will share you our great finds and unique items that fit your budget and fit your home perfectly! We also hope to answer that common question “where can i find that?” and make it easier for you on your decorating process.

  52. Me says:

    My Relationship with God through Reflection, Prayer, and Bible reading.

  53. James Naylor says:

    Title: A Guide for Technology Entrepreneurs, Startups and Early-Stage Companies

    The blog provides real practical information for the startup technology company.

    We blog on issues that we experience with our clients / investments, i.e., solutions to problems we observe with the startup. From how to run productive meetings to how to prepare to present to investors.

  54. Nerd Culture is one of the fastest rising sub-culture that is available. At The Nerd Culture, we are devoted to talk about how that culture works and what kinds of things are inherit in it.

  55. I am mom to a five year old boy. I recently started working from home and I am loving it.

    My blog is a personal blog where I share stories about my day – what made me laugh or sad or frustrated. I needed an outlet for my feelings, and a place where I can just rant and write my disorganized thoughts. Somehow, blogging has helped me keep calm and focused.

  56. For sustainable living enthusiasts, we publish a blog called Green Living Press – http://www.greenlivingpress.com. Full of interest articles on sustainability, green trends, technology, resources, and even firsthand looks into the challenges of the modern farming industry.

  57. Hi, my name is Bobbie and I have always wanted to blog because I think writing is a great way to get those thoughts out of your head and on paper. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and decided that the time was right to blog about the journey and anything else that may come up. I deal with things through humor. I love to laugh and I think you will enjoy this blog regardless of where you are in life. You don’t have to have cancer to read it, believe me I will be touching on all subjects.

    Please follow and feel free to leave comments and let me know you are there!!

  58. I’m a Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer. On my blog I discuss recent changes to the Virginia laws and make comments regarding my criminal practice. My goal is to keep people up to date on the law and, if necessary, give them insight to dealings with the criminal justice system.

  59. Fren Dee Bee says:

    This site is interesting. Most blog directory out there are similar to each other, and this one is unique.I also love blogs, I fell in love with it, when I made my first blog.

  60. Matt Pill says:

    A Collection of posts around Sport, Coaching and Development

  61. Jon Best says:

    Your name: Jon Best
    a brief description of who you are: An ordinary Joe (I mean “Jon”) who is moving to Los Angeles in a few days.
    The name of your blog: Welcome to Los Jon-geles (I figure they ought to rename it in my honor)
    The subject of your blog: Currently, the subject is preparing for the move. Afterwards, it will be about what life in L.A. is like and how it compare to the (long list of) other places I’ve lived.
    What others can expect when they land on your blog: I would say “expect the unexpected”, but that would a) be cliche and b) then it wouldn’t be unexpected because people would be expecting it. So instead, expect a guy who loves life wherever it may take me and has a somewhat different sense of humor.

  62. Michelle says:

    I’m a busy wife & homeschooling mom of 3. I love to cook from scratch for my family because it gets me the most food, healthiest food, and tastiest food for my money! If you’re interested in cooking more meals with real food in it, come visit my blog!

  63. its all about travelling all around the world!

  64. Alski says:

    Hey there,

    I’m a proudly South African citizen but I’m not always proud of what happens on our roads. Check out my blog for the latest in what happening on South African roads and just maybe together we can make a difference.

    I’m also a keen follower of motoring trends. Come, comment, join the forum.


  65. Hi I am novelist who thinks in threes. My first trilogy was http://www.theosgoodetrilogy.com, three legal suspense novels inspired by my many years of law practice in Toronto. [Conduct in Question, Final Paradox and A Trial of One.]

    Now, I’ve published the first two novels in The Trilogy of Remembrance, which is set in the art world and features Alexander Wainwright, Britain’s finest landscape painter. [The Drawing Lesson and The Fate of Pryde].

    While I blog about matters that I find supremely interesting [literature, science, philosophy, photography and writing] I am handing my blog over to my characters, Alexander Wainwright, Rinaldo [a conceptual artist] and Jonathan Pryde, whose fate is set forth in my most recent novel.

    I find all the tools on the internet to be wonderful means by which to tell story. After all, what is more important than a great story, well told?

  66. i provide humor and discuss art and entertainment,Im a 3dartist,former rap artist on the go ,i also promote other artist so come join the fun, new blog every Friday

  67. My blog focuses on Dissociative Identity Disorder and my journey through therapy as well as every day life. You will find poems, drawings, rambling and much more. Please come by and check it out when you get the chance. I value any and all comments and will respond to each and every one of you. Ask questions, present opinions and start debates. It’s all welcome. Until then,

  68. Alejandro says:

    Wine is more than a food it’s a defining characteristic, that each of us hold dear however in our own ways. The primary goal of the AllWine blog is to help you discoverer more about the World of Wines.

  69. amartha says:

    iam very happy to sharing information esspecially about environment and water ressource engineering
    that why my blog was build by me

  70. Steve says:

    This blog is dedicated to share information, knowledge and experience on various topics.
    I am encouraging you to share your knowledge and experience on my blog.
    If you like my blog please share among family and friends!

  71. My blog is about my story so far as an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

  72. Iam happyness sharing information especially about environment and water resource engineering.
    Our majoring on GIS Model, application for polutant control, disaster control
    Hope full enjoy and corporate for sharing information and education
    regard and thak you
    My name is Bambang Pari Purwanto ST.MT ( double degree)
    My majoring is Water ressource Engineering

  73. Howard says:

    My name is Howard Upton and I collect humorus stories. I love to share tales about my redneck upbringing and random thoughts that traverse my mind’s highway.

    I love Jimmy Buffet, Stevie Ray Vaughn, most Delta Blues, funny people and general idiocy. My take on the human psyche is such that I find humor in most everything–and don’t hesitate to make fun of any culture, race, religion or person…including myself.

    I would love to have you follow my blog so please sign up!